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Thank you for checking out Arbor Sound online.

Our passion for sound is driven by music that can be heard the way the creators intended.

Our purpose as a music company is to shorten the gap between creators and consumers.

We may use nerdy gear and complex signal flow that allows us to play with the physics of sound.

We may talk about marketing and targeting algorithms to help your music gain exposure.

But we never forget why we are here in the first place…

to put the focus on the artist and their vision.

Our ultimate goal is to curate that vision out of speakers everywhere.

No matter what genre, we have the proper equipment and knowledge to stay transparent and effective.

Beyond the studio, our ability to help artists get their music heard has proven valuable for everyone involved.

Using inspiration from nature, Arbor Sound is our attempt to recreate its delicate balance through the creation of art.

Label Services

We have relationships with several established Distributors, Youtube Red, and Social Influencers that can help take your metrics higher.


Our mixer Maj started by assisting veterans and has grown to have several mixes reach the top of the music charts and playlists on Spotify, and Apple Music. There are several A list artists in his discography.


We have publishing administration deals with music companies that pitch our songs to spotify playlists, movies, and advertising agencies.


Our state of the art recording facility provides excellent isolation, 3 rooms for recording, and plenty of the best gear the world has to offer. Combine that with 15 instruments to play with, and 9 different amps flavors.




Arbor Sound

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